The Post 9/11 Police State Indoctrination of Our Youth

1984 Enters Elementary Schools:

Today, the hallways were filled with a crew of unknown workers, busily making their way up and down their ladders.  Scurrying throughout the hallway, I paid them only little attention as I finished my morning duties.  I walked into the classroom, thinking only of how great it felt to be Friday.

But, in a school full of women, it doesn’t take long for gossip to spread; especially, juicy information such as this. 

Of course, we had not received any email or information from the administration.  However, it didn’t matter.  Suddenly, I was in the know.

The teacher next door spoke with one of the custodians earlier that morning, inquiring about the busy bodies going up and down the ladders.  I guess pushing up the ceiling tiles and running wires gave it away that this wasn’t a normal maintenance call. 

And it certainly wasn’t the IT department’s handiwork.

It turns out, their actions were part of a wave of new safety protocols being implemented, district wide, following the events of Sandy Hook. 

The workers were installing the new wiring system that will be connected to the new security cameras being implemented at every hallway and intersection. 

I was shocked when the news passed my ears.  It brought my mind back to the staff-wide meeting we had a couple weeks ago, when we first discussed some of the new procedures.  I find it funny that, never once, were the security cameras brought up.  Nor have they, at this moment in time, been addressed to the staff.

However, one thing that was brought up was the creation of a team of School Security Officers, or SSO’s, that will be stationed amongst a handful of neighboring schools in the district.  They will begin routinely passing along the hallways of our elementary school. 

While I do not wish to deny the protection of my students and their peers, I am simply pointing out what is going on. 

While I understand, in theory, why levels to this extreme are being executed, I feel as though this is something the staff should be informed of. 

After learning about the SSO’s and the incoming surveillance system, I truly believe 2013 will be remembered as the year the police state entered the hallways of our public schools on a massive scale. 

And, I have no doubt similar actions are being taken in school districts throughout the country.

If You Don’t Know Something Happened, How Will You Understand How It Affects You?

When we reached the morning of September 11, 2012, I was curious as to how the elementary school would handle the topic with the children.

As it turns out, when you are busy trying to “teach for the test,” it makes it difficult to discuss real world moments and how they impact society as a whole; even if it is something as drastic, and as recent as 9/11. 

Only little was said, and that which was, was nothing but regurgitation of the “official report.” 

A part of me, deep inside, wanted to utilize this as a moment to evoke the truth amidst growing minds.  For just once in their life, a little dose of the truth.  But, sadly, I knew I had to keep my mouth shut.  A stunt like that, I have no doubt, would have cost me my job.

That morning I realized that most of the fifth grade students I taught were either born in 2001 or later.  Most of the students, due to the nature of their minds at this stage of development, have no idea how a moment like this in our nation’s history is literally shaping the very fabric of their reality. 

And, it pains me to say this, but I feel most will never know, or even seek freedom. 

I mean, true, unbound freedom—that beautiful freedom that is our inherent right as souls occupying these physical vessels.  Freedom.

Very soon, the armed guard walking the hallways will become part of their weekly routine as elementary students, while their every movement along the designated one-foot square path is traced…step…by…step. 

Will these young minds ever think that this is anything other than “normal?”  

Will this have a negative impact on the children’s’ psyche?  Will it evoke a sense of need to always be on high alert?  Will it cause an escalation of fear, that may redirect the fragile mind down a darker path? 

Life is all about perception, and how you respond to any given stimuli or event.  If these children’s perceptions are hijacked from an early age, causing them to live in a false-reality where a sense of fear is the norm, how will they be as adults?

What’s at Stake When Generation (Z)ombies Become Adults?

As they grow, and the police state infiltrates other aspects of our daily lives, will they ever think to challenge it?  Will they ever say, I’ve had enough?  Most adults I know refuse to even acknowledge these things.  So how are we supposed to expect children to do this?

I examine the failed education system, and I cannot believe the scope of the systematic implosion of society’s future. 

Let me fill you in on a little secret, it is being done by indoctrinating an entire generation to never once gain the ability, or the tools, to think critically.

You see, even if Jack or Jill is the top student in the classroom, ask yourself how well they respond to challenges that rely on the ability of critical thinking. 

You will probably realize, despite all of the honor roll student bumper stickers lining your car, that they have difficulty thinking critically, or even for themselves for that matter.

As it turns out, when your entire 12 years in the public school system is engineered to where the teachers have no other choice but to “teach for the test,” you are being set up for failure.  And you are being robbed of 12 years that could produce a fruitful, creative, critical mind—a mind with the capability and potential of leading the world in a better direction.

So as more and more jobs are outsourced, and leaps in technology make more and more jobs obsolete, where will these zombified youth go?  Will any become leaders, or innovators, or revolutionary thinkers? 

Or will they happily go wherever they are guided?  Even if that path is the path to their demise?

What Can We Do To Wake Up Our Youth?

As parents, first and foremost, you must ask yourself if you are awake?  Are you aware of the lies and manipulation of the world around you, such as the RFID chips and devices being implemented in some public schools across the country?  Or are you simply a sheeple waiting for the next episode of Honey Boo-Boo? 

If you are an awakened parent, ask yourself, “How can I discuss these topics with my children?”

Especially in a manner that they can understand, without inflicting any more fear than they may have as a result of the police state invading their hallways.

This is where I leave the ball in your court.  I do not wish to impose any beliefs on your children.  I simply ask that you review your own belief systems, and the incoming police state in the hallways of your children’s schools, and ask yourself how you will guide them in this time of transition.

It is your choice whether you wish to raise a sheep or a leader.  Think about it, and act accordingly. 

Live life loving,

Trip Lively




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3 responses to “The Post 9/11 Police State Indoctrination of Our Youth

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  2. Tanya

    Somewhere, sometime, people sat down and planned the new security upgrades in your school. They also allocated money to pay for them. I would be interested to know when that plan was made, and when the money was allocated. I would like to know if the money came from DHS, rather than from the already no-doubt strapped school district budget. I would also like to know if any of this went into motion before Dec. 14, 2012.
    Since school budgets are public information, it shouldn’t be impossible to find this out.

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