Reflecting on My First OBE and its Divine Catalyst


Rejecting the Corruption of Man, Not Salvation of the Messiah

One thing I have in common with 1.2 billion people on this planet is a tie with Catholicism. Growing up, my family never missed mass. Even if we were on a vacation, or in the boat on the river, we found a church. Until I was 18 years old, we missed mass less than a handful of times. By 20, I was becoming a seasoned Confirmation Sponsor.

Looking back on those years, I remember there were a handful of friends that I had gone to school with since kindergarten who decided they were not getting confirmed. At the time, we were all in shock and disbelief. We could not fathom it.

Now, I understand and appreciate the amount of courage it took to overcome 18 years of indoctrination, and finally exercise free will. And for that, I applaud them. I finally see that their actions were not an act of renouncing the Lord, but simply renouncing the Catholic faith.

(For a great perspective on some of the corruption of the Catholic Church, especially pertaining to the new Pope, check out Zen Gardner’s article: Jesuit Pope Agenda – Meet The Templars, Knights of Malta And Blackwater/Xe Exterminators at

By the time I had turned 21, I was missing mass more than I was attending. It got to the point where I was simply making an appearance for holiday gatherings. Showing my face…just like most of the other families, politicians, and public figures were doing.

I started to notice this uneasy feeling every time I stepped foot into the church I was raised in. The level of superficiality permeating the aisles was enough to make me sick to my stomach. Each and every time I did attend mass with my family, from that point on, I began to keep my eyes closed.

I decided to experience the mass from a different perception, and in doing so, I realized the high frequency of negative attachments a lot of the congregation was bringing in with them each Sunday.

Most of these people believe, because they go to mass on Sundays, they are guaranteed a spot in Heaven…and they will frequently condemn others’ actions and beliefs that are unlike their own.

However, the moment they exit those church doors, it is back to the land of ME, where the god of I is worshiped. So, seeing things from this perspective, let’s do the math.

If your only act of faith or worship takes place at a designated hour, attended once a week, you are practicing 52 hours of your faith per year. That leaves you with 8,708 hours associated with other things (probably not pertaining to their beliefs).

My brother gave them the perfect name…Hypochristians.

Now I am not saying this applies to all. By all means, I have met some of the most amazing Christians in my life that happened to also be Catholic. I am just speaking about a portion of the congregation, which is not limited to this particular church. I am sure this can been seen in churches throughout the lands.


The Quest to Know the One True God

For a couple years, my despondence with the Catholic church led me away from any and all affiliations with it. Including the Bible. I threw it all out the window, and decided that I was going to find my own personal relationship with God. This led me down many paths and studies.

From the works and theories of other religions, to the occult, to conspiracy, to aliens, the list goes on and on. My head was everywhere, leaving no stone unturned in my pursuit for truth.

Simultaneously, I was experiencing a window of really coming out of my shell. It was as if I had adopted an alter ego. This alter ego was uninhibited and driven by the pleasures of the material world. Eventually, every path I followed from this perspective led me astray from what I knew to be my true calling.

However, the pleasures of the material world felt too good to give up. I kept indulging, as my successes became something of the past. I was letting go of all that I was, to embrace an aspect of myself that, although appealing to many, was not a reflection of my true nature, as a soul.

Watching my friends grow into maturity, and handle real world decisions, as well as earn amazing grades, I realized I was so far gone from my accomplishments not even a few years prior. While I was enjoying the physical pleasures, this inner turmoil was brewing, watching my world (as I knew it as the time) fall apart.

But, that all changed on one magical night.


OBEs and What Lies Beyond the Veil

On this particular night, I felt God reaching out to me. However, another part was tuning it out. Prior to this event, I had just received a call that my grandfather had had a heart attack. I was freaking out, but my parents assured me to just stay home, and stay by the phone.

Around 1 a.m. I was lying on a friend’s couch. We had all been watching Dr. Strangelove, and suddenly I was called to meditate. It was a deep feeling that manifested it self symbolically, somehow translating to the message to close my eyes and meditate.

At this point in time, I had never tried meditation. I felt I was to ADD to shut my brain chatter up long enough to get anywhere with it. However, I followed the guidance.

Until that night, I felt like I just wasn’t seeing the full picture, and that God wasn’t the “God” I had envisioned for so many years due to my Catholic indoctrination. I didn’t know what God was, but deep in my heart I longed for a connection.

As I was lying on the couch, I had a large pillow going across my chest horizontally. Both arms were on top of this pillow, to where no part of my body was touching. Suddenly, a sense of calmness engulfed my awareness. Out of nowhere, I felt like I was shot out of a cannon.


From the Perspective of My Soul

I could not make sense of what was going on. I was me, but I was not “me.” I could even hear everything going on in the room, but I was not in that vessel that I had grown accustomed to seeing in the mirror.

Out of nowhere, three gigantic, multi-dimensional, bright-white orb beings appeared over my consciousness. As soon as this happened, something inside of me shifted. I was no longer focused on the perspective of “Trip,” but instead as an eternal, conscious soul.

I realized I had not been in touch with this aspect of myself for a couple years, and I remember feeling a sense of sadness. However, I was extremely humbled to be in their presence.

It was as if I my soul was being immersed in a sea of love, with the waves comforting my awareness.


A Divine Connection and a Encounter with the Dark Side

Immediately, I felt an affinity with these beings. They began to communicate with me telepathically. They explained to me that I knew that my life was going off of its intended path, and that I had made an agreement before I came into this body.

But as soon as they mentioned this, I started thinking about my soul’s path. I realized that my anger towards the particular religion I was brought up in should not negate my overall faith in God.

I realized I was just looking at everything wrong, and the reason for my inner turmoil was that I was worshiping something that was nowhere near the state of the TRUE Source.

These beings, upon mentioning me straying from the path, acted as a catalyst for all of my inner demons to come out and play. Growing up, I never drank alcohol, and only got drunk a few weeks before I started college. To this day, I don’t really drink often, and have been “drunk” less than a handful of times in the last three years.

Anyways, at this particular point though, I was acting out in a way that was very rewarding to the physical body, but demeaning to my soul. I knew this inside, but I was enjoying the ride at the time.

When I made the connection, I began seeing these thought bubbles floating around. Inside each one, I would see various events I was involved in, and how they were keeping me from following the Divine path.

I was so humbled by the sense of love from these beings. Never once did I feel judgment, or even coercion to choose to do the right thing. They merely pointed out that I knew I had strayed from my planned course.

As the thought bubbles began to grow in size and frequency, I started getting sucked into them.


Facing the Depths of Darkness

In an instant, the sense of love and warmth was gone. Instead, I was trapped in this void.

Suddenly, as if a pinhole was poked through a blanket, a glowing, electric, deep, dark red (unlike any color I have seen on Earth) started rippling out, moving like a snake. Then, the most demonic figures I have ever seen appeared (which, looking back on it, felt exactly like the presence under the Denver airport—more info to follow in future post).

They began presenting these intricate patterns. I assume this was because of my artistic nature, and that was a manner in which they thought I would “take the bait.”

Empowered by my encounter with these orbs, and the realization of the true nature of my being, I suddenly made the connection. These entities were coming into my life because I had made a contract with them.

Although it was not written, or even known consciously to me, on a subconscious level, I felt as though a part of me was inviting these energies in every time I was committing any of the acts that were keeping me from my Divine path.

I remember bursting out into laughter.

I don’t know why, but it all became so funny to me. With my awareness centered on my true identity as eternal consciousness connected with the Divine, not just this physical vessel, I realized that these beings that were so sinister, yet so entrenched in our lives, stood no chance against the essence of pure love. (And I’m not talking about the superficial love society promotes today!)

With every laugh, I felt my consciousness grow bigger and bigger. I felt the size of a planet. Then, I just continued to radiate love towards these entities, and in a flash, they were gone.

A Victorious Surrender and a Taste of Death

After that, the three light orb beings appeared again. I felt like I had just gone through a test, and somehow passed. However, I knew that, even though I passed, at this point in my journey I had strayed so far from God, a part of me felt weak.

At that point I remember just saying, “I surrender! I surrender! I do not know what to do, but I know that everything I am doing with my life is not getting me where I know I am supposed to be going.”

Then, I felt a banner of white light energy begin sweeping across my astral body. Wrapping around every crevice, it felt as though I was experiencing confession and communion on a level I never knew possible.

What began to feel like pure bliss to the soul was the complete opposite of what was taking place in my physical body (which felt like galaxies away, yet side-by-side)

Suddenly my attention was drawn back to my physical body, as I literally experienced the death process in order to break my fear of death, or the unknown of what I will feel like after I leave my body.

But it took a lot to break that fear.

At first, I began to feel pressure on my physical body around my neck, as if someone was strangling me. I remember feeling my chest caving in, and every breath feeling as if I were breathing through a straw stuck in cement.

I remember not being able to move a single muscle in my body, and being forced to be present for every physical sensation that took place. However, I was doing this from the vantage point of my soul. At one point, there were even tears falling down my face, and I could feel each teardrop slowly rolling down.

What this taught me was not to fear death though, and that, more importantly, the physical pain we experience is just an illusion. Yes, it hurts and feels very real while we are living it, but it is still just an illusion.


The Divine Impact

After this experience, I felt like I was getting back on track with the Divine path. I didn’t necessarily know where to go from there, but at least I knew I was truly home. Immediately, I knew that there was a God, and it was unlike anything I could ever imagine. And nothing at all like I was led to believe in my years of indoctrination.

I also reconnected with my purpose for coming into this body, at this point in time. It’s funny looking back on all of this because I met my future wife less than a year after all of this happened. I know in my heart, had I not got back on the right path, our lives would have never crossed.

After this death experience, I felt as if I had a rebirth. My soul felt full of energy, as the white light banner that wrapped around my consciousness felt like a “soul shower” cleansing me of all of my sins and impurities. Being in the presence of God’s love, I became aware that my purpose was bigger than my faults. This also made me look as sin in a completely different manner.

When these beings departed, I felt as if their love and truth remained. God’s presence, I now fully understood, was and is within each and every one of us as Spirit. Consider it your calling card, or honing beacon. It is a part of your essence, just as your soul, mind, and body are.

It is this Divinity within us that connects us all to Him. Do not limit God to an external force that is out of reach. By realizing that He is within you, seek to build a connection or bridge with Him.

After the three orbs departed, I began traveling various planes of existence, with uncapped speeds and potential. However, this did not last long.

Despite these wondrous realms’ appeal, I began to think about my grandfather again.


The Healer Within

In a flash, my consciousness was hovering over his hospital bed. I looked down at him, and felt so sad to see him in this state. I asked to know how to fix him, and somehow, a spiral of energy emitted from his chest and came towards me.

I remember my attention being pulled back to my physical body again at this point.

Inside my ribcage it felt like an open fire (literally) was burning. It was the most excruciating pain I had ever endured, but my soul kept reminding my body that the pain was merely an illusion. So I kept on.

After a while, this spiral went away, and I continued to send love to my grandfather. Then, I made a trek to connect back with my body. I felt this connection, or cord, connecting my consciousness with my body.

A few days later, I realized I could not hold this in any longer. At the same time, my other grandfather (my mom’s dad) was in the hospital as well. For some reason, I was sitting in the back seat while she was driving her car.

I remember telling her this story, and she began crying.

She said, “I know, I know. We keep trying to tell you this, but you won’t listen.”

She went on to tell me how her great grandfather was a healer in the community. He was Cajun French and spoke very little English. As it turns out, my experiences were not unique to my family, but part of my very lineage.

Seeing Life from a New Perspective

Since this experience, I have had quite a few out-of-body experiences, strange dreams, videotaped UFO encounters (even one with my brother over a house by our property in the middle-of-nowhere Texas), and many more crazy experiences.

Putting this all into words, I realize that there are so many others who have had similar journeys, and a lot of them are waking others up every day. I feel like we all chose to come here at this point in time, and I feel like we need to know that death is not something to be feared.

I know I have so much to learn, and so much to work on in my own life, but I yearn to bring about a better world for my children and grandchildren. I think about how powerful the force of true love is, and I know, despite all the hype and commotion and fear mongering, love will conquer all.

However, we must also be aware of what we are up against—and from the few experiences I have had with some of these negative forces, “It ain’t pretty!”

But, they aren’t invincible, and these things want what they don’t have…a soul.

We need to all reconnect with our soul and spirit, and really cherish it. It is our instant connection with, and reflection of, the one true God. It will help you break free of the lies of this false reality we live in.

Trust in this connection, and set out to change this world, by first changing yourself. Let your body be a vehicle of service as you walk the Divine path.

Live life loving,

Trip Lively


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Finding Your Footing on the Trail for Truth


Searching for the Man Behind the Curtain:

Years ago, I first realized that the material world, and all of its societal manipulations, was being rigged by an outside force. And, more importantly, I knew this was not a benevolent force.

I began to question everything.

Was “reality” real?

Suddenly, I found myself taking those very first steps towards seeking truth. Which, at the time, was the road less traveled by my college peers.

Less than a handful of years following the orchestrated events of 9/11, I watched closely as the world around me began changing at a very rapid rate. It was the beginning of the end of our freedoms.

Not to mention, the “American Dream” that was shoved down my throat throughout my entire public school upbringing was crumbling away before my very eyes. Friends with degrees were having trouble finding jobs, and freaking out as they drowned in their enormous amounts of debt.

Even though, due to my age at the time, I did not fully understand what was taking place in society, I was able to see that it was not right.

Before I was even legally old enough to purchase and consume alcohol, I was already reaching my curious fingers towards the veil of reality. I just had to know what lies on the other side.

And who, or what, this force was that was pulling the strings and calling the shots.

This led to the discovery of about a dozen interviews that initially helped me remove the blinders and rose-colored glasses that prevented me from seeing reality for what it was, and not for what I wished it to be.

As you could imagine, cognitive dissonance kicked in pretty quickly. Luckily, due to my fluid nature as a maturing adult, I just went where the truth flowed.

From there, it was as if a floodgate had opened, and the information began pouring in at immense speeds. Suddenly, I realized the importance of what I had stumbled across, as well as the potential it could have in shaping my future.

Luckily, the college years allow you an once-in-a-lifetime window of opportunity to find yourself, without the influence or guidance of parental figures. How people respond, and to whom they become, is up to themselves and the choices they make during this window.

For me, it was a time of great experimentation within and without all the realms of existence.

As I recall, it was a combination of falling down Alice’s rabbit hole, while walking Dorothy’s path along the yellow brick road, with my eyes dilated like I had just left the optometrist.


Document Your Awakening:

Looking back on those early days of truth seeking, I remember I had to learn to become more fluid in order to prevent the be-lie-f system I was indoctrinated into from sabotaging my journey.

You would be surprised at how quickly cognitive dissonance can set in at those early stages of awakening. Don’t let it hinder your path! From experience, I can say that seeing reality for what it truly is was one of my first steps towards gaining sovereignty as a soul. As they say, “Once you are awake, it’s hard to go back to sheep.”

In my early days, these topics hardly came up in casual conversation.

Because of this, I had a period of going on the brink of insanity. It was so hard to have the façade stripped away, and even harder to deny the truth that lay before me. Not to mention how hard it was to find others to even talk about these things with.

So, in order to combat the onset of premature insanity, I began documenting my awakening in various mediums. Being an artist and a writer, I let my passions guide the way to expressing myself, and it turned out to be a lifesaver.

Here is an example of a poem I wrote one evening. I was sitting in the tub, busily scurrying from site to site, digging for more nuggets of truth. Suddenly, I felt a calm within. From there, I paused from the interviews and articles and just breathed.


After a few moments, I found my fingers moving back and forth across the keyboard, as I produced, “Conversations with My Soul.”


Conversations with My Soul:

And I asked myself why I have yet to discover my treasure,
For I have looked high and low, searching endlessly,
For the joy, the love, the answers, and the comfort of knowing.

“Surely God’s secrets are hidden somewhere,” I reminded myself,
Unto which my soul cried out, “You have not searched your heart
And in fact, it is where the happiness of the world resides.
In love, you see, you will peace and peace of mind.”

In disbelief I thought, “How could this be? For I only know happiness
From outside impulses of both my desires and my addictions.
My smile, though genuine, only reflects the love I wish to share.

For though I may find despair to cloud my thoughts at times,
I wish to shine bright for others so they can break free from darkness.
My actions unto others is fueled by my desires,
And my actions unto myself are fueled by my addictions.

“Then your treasure shall never be found,
For it’s contents sink deeper and deeper as you stray from self.
How can one seek to find that which he is running away from?

How can one find happiness when he surrounds himself elsewhere?
How can one know true, blissful joy, if he does not accept it?
These treasures are within you, just as I am within you,
And until the two become one, you will not see the true light.”

In anger, my thoughts began to run wild as I found myself
Battling with what I knew of this life, and what my soul knew of its life.
“How do I accept the life I want while leaving the life I’ve created?”

To which my soul replied, “Fear not the loss of this life,
For are you not living in despair because of it?
Free yourself from your thoughts, your fears, your worries.
You are bound by ego, and ego alone. Do you not hear my cries?”

“Indeed, I have heard your cries, for they awoke me from my slumber.
I have seen the path to glory, yet have strayed.
I have seen the roads to confusion and despair, yet have followed.

I have seen many routes and many roads in my time,
And though my heart knew of the one true calling,
I have abandoned the cries of my soul for the cries of this world.
Now, I only hear the cries of my physical self, begging to be rescued.”

“Then rescued you shall be,” my soul comforted me.
“He who finds light in the void shall be humbled, knowing love
For life is love for all, and love for all starts with love for self.”

As despair melted away and the dark clouds of my thoughts dissipated,
A moment of clarity swept my entire being, and I felt alive.
For the purpose of my pain was to prepare me for the pleasures of my life.
I am finally ready to walk in the light of love.


Traveling the Divine Path is Easier in Numbers:

As a result of seeking truth, and being true to myself, I came to notice something I like to call the “Divine Path.”

It is the path I believe that is naturally available to everyone, and it is the path that is in harmony with that of the Supreme.

I began to realize that the easiest way to judge whether or not I was following harmoniously with the natural path of the Divine, was to tune inward. Not only could I feel it within, upon doing so, I could notice it all around me.

Events, in general, began to take on a high level of synchronicity, which was unlike anything I had ever experienced. However, during those early days, I was still seeking the truth, more-or-less on my own.

But, before I knew it, I was no longer by myself on this quest for truth.

People who became my closest friends, to this day, appeared out of nowhere during these years, through the most random connections and ways. I even met my wife this way, which is a story worth a blog post on its own.

The point I am trying to make though is that no man can discover all there is to know by himself.

Now, more than ever, you need to seek like-minded friends. They need you just as badly. Analyze your acquaintances, and ask yourself who amongst them is awakened.

For those that are still asleep, following the path of their fellow sheeple, ask yourself the best way to help nudge them back to their naturally awakened state. But always remember, you cannot force a snake to shed its skin.

Mankind will awaken at the rate at which it awakens.

It is not our place to impose our beliefs on others. Instead, we should simply strive to act in the manners that someone who is awake acts in. By being natural, we will naturally impact those around us.

A Divine Partnership for the Divine Path:

While like-minded friends are very helpful in your path, a like-minded spouse is a necessity.

Speaking from observations of the state of marriage in today’s society, statistically the likelihood of its success is more-or-less equivalent to that of a coin flip.

Fortunately, both my wife and I grew up in homes that continue to share in the beauty and sanctity of true, unconditional, fully committed love. This love has been a part of ours lives since we were born, and it is this love that we continue to share with our children.

When I met my wife, we came up with the perfect term for our friendship. We were, simply put, Adventure Buddies (for life). We came to learn that we were two sides of the same coin. Always complimenting one another, and always keeping each other balanced and grounded.

Our Divine Path has been a magical one, and I know that this is something I would not have been capable of experiencing with just any girl in the crowd.

That is why, in closing this blog post, I recommend you really seek to know yourself before setting out to find anyone else. Trust me, they are probably doing the same self-work, and your paths will probably cross at the most opportune time.

When walking the Divine Path, trust in the Divine Path.

Live Life Loving,

Trip Lively


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The Post 9/11 Police State Indoctrination of Our Youth

1984 Enters Elementary Schools:

Today, the hallways were filled with a crew of unknown workers, busily making their way up and down their ladders.  Scurrying throughout the hallway, I paid them only little attention as I finished my morning duties.  I walked into the classroom, thinking only of how great it felt to be Friday.

But, in a school full of women, it doesn’t take long for gossip to spread; especially, juicy information such as this. 

Of course, we had not received any email or information from the administration.  However, it didn’t matter.  Suddenly, I was in the know.

The teacher next door spoke with one of the custodians earlier that morning, inquiring about the busy bodies going up and down the ladders.  I guess pushing up the ceiling tiles and running wires gave it away that this wasn’t a normal maintenance call. 

And it certainly wasn’t the IT department’s handiwork.

It turns out, their actions were part of a wave of new safety protocols being implemented, district wide, following the events of Sandy Hook. 

The workers were installing the new wiring system that will be connected to the new security cameras being implemented at every hallway and intersection. 

I was shocked when the news passed my ears.  It brought my mind back to the staff-wide meeting we had a couple weeks ago, when we first discussed some of the new procedures.  I find it funny that, never once, were the security cameras brought up.  Nor have they, at this moment in time, been addressed to the staff.

However, one thing that was brought up was the creation of a team of School Security Officers, or SSO’s, that will be stationed amongst a handful of neighboring schools in the district.  They will begin routinely passing along the hallways of our elementary school. 

While I do not wish to deny the protection of my students and their peers, I am simply pointing out what is going on. 

While I understand, in theory, why levels to this extreme are being executed, I feel as though this is something the staff should be informed of. 

After learning about the SSO’s and the incoming surveillance system, I truly believe 2013 will be remembered as the year the police state entered the hallways of our public schools on a massive scale. 

And, I have no doubt similar actions are being taken in school districts throughout the country.

If You Don’t Know Something Happened, How Will You Understand How It Affects You?

When we reached the morning of September 11, 2012, I was curious as to how the elementary school would handle the topic with the children.

As it turns out, when you are busy trying to “teach for the test,” it makes it difficult to discuss real world moments and how they impact society as a whole; even if it is something as drastic, and as recent as 9/11. 

Only little was said, and that which was, was nothing but regurgitation of the “official report.” 

A part of me, deep inside, wanted to utilize this as a moment to evoke the truth amidst growing minds.  For just once in their life, a little dose of the truth.  But, sadly, I knew I had to keep my mouth shut.  A stunt like that, I have no doubt, would have cost me my job.

That morning I realized that most of the fifth grade students I taught were either born in 2001 or later.  Most of the students, due to the nature of their minds at this stage of development, have no idea how a moment like this in our nation’s history is literally shaping the very fabric of their reality. 

And, it pains me to say this, but I feel most will never know, or even seek freedom. 

I mean, true, unbound freedom—that beautiful freedom that is our inherent right as souls occupying these physical vessels.  Freedom.

Very soon, the armed guard walking the hallways will become part of their weekly routine as elementary students, while their every movement along the designated one-foot square path is traced…step…by…step. 

Will these young minds ever think that this is anything other than “normal?”  

Will this have a negative impact on the children’s’ psyche?  Will it evoke a sense of need to always be on high alert?  Will it cause an escalation of fear, that may redirect the fragile mind down a darker path? 

Life is all about perception, and how you respond to any given stimuli or event.  If these children’s perceptions are hijacked from an early age, causing them to live in a false-reality where a sense of fear is the norm, how will they be as adults?

What’s at Stake When Generation (Z)ombies Become Adults?

As they grow, and the police state infiltrates other aspects of our daily lives, will they ever think to challenge it?  Will they ever say, I’ve had enough?  Most adults I know refuse to even acknowledge these things.  So how are we supposed to expect children to do this?

I examine the failed education system, and I cannot believe the scope of the systematic implosion of society’s future. 

Let me fill you in on a little secret, it is being done by indoctrinating an entire generation to never once gain the ability, or the tools, to think critically.

You see, even if Jack or Jill is the top student in the classroom, ask yourself how well they respond to challenges that rely on the ability of critical thinking. 

You will probably realize, despite all of the honor roll student bumper stickers lining your car, that they have difficulty thinking critically, or even for themselves for that matter.

As it turns out, when your entire 12 years in the public school system is engineered to where the teachers have no other choice but to “teach for the test,” you are being set up for failure.  And you are being robbed of 12 years that could produce a fruitful, creative, critical mind—a mind with the capability and potential of leading the world in a better direction.

So as more and more jobs are outsourced, and leaps in technology make more and more jobs obsolete, where will these zombified youth go?  Will any become leaders, or innovators, or revolutionary thinkers? 

Or will they happily go wherever they are guided?  Even if that path is the path to their demise?

What Can We Do To Wake Up Our Youth?

As parents, first and foremost, you must ask yourself if you are awake?  Are you aware of the lies and manipulation of the world around you, such as the RFID chips and devices being implemented in some public schools across the country?  Or are you simply a sheeple waiting for the next episode of Honey Boo-Boo? 

If you are an awakened parent, ask yourself, “How can I discuss these topics with my children?”

Especially in a manner that they can understand, without inflicting any more fear than they may have as a result of the police state invading their hallways.

This is where I leave the ball in your court.  I do not wish to impose any beliefs on your children.  I simply ask that you review your own belief systems, and the incoming police state in the hallways of your children’s schools, and ask yourself how you will guide them in this time of transition.

It is your choice whether you wish to raise a sheep or a leader.  Think about it, and act accordingly. 

Live life loving,

Trip Lively



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